The meaning of time – with JORD (+Giveaway)

If you are as enthusiastic about watches as I am, you probably also look for a watch that offers more than just telling the time. It should also tell a story just by looking at it.

A closeup of the “Conway” in the wooden box.
The ‘Conway’ in action.

Have you ever seen a watch that is made of natural wood? I haven’t.
At least not before I heard about JORD and their unique wooden watches.
JORD have a collection of wooden watches in many variations and with thirteen different kinds of wood. The watch that I chose is made out of natural walnut wood. (Fun fact: Walnut wood has a hardness of 1200 lbf, which is actually pretty solid.) Aside from the case itself, the watch strap is made of wood as well, which makes it very comfortable to wear. This watch, the Conway, is a chronograph with the reliable ‘Citizen Miyota 0S10/0S1A’ movement. It also features a sapphire crystal glass, a screw-down crown and luminescent hands.
I probably don’t have to mention that this watch is an absolute eyecatcher. Since wooden watches are rare to see, so many people have complimented me on this timepiece and are fascinated by its look. Since JORD offer many different kinds of watches and wood, there will be a perfect match for everyone. If you are interested in their watches, check out my giveaway at the end of this blog post 🙂

But, on a serious note, what does ‘time’ mean in today’s world? Everything got more and more fast-paced and hectic, people are stressed out, and the word ‘time’ lost its original meaning. Unfortunately, it got a negative connotation for many people and is associated with stress and rapidity. Shouldn’t it rather be a symbol for life and joy of the moment? Linkin Park captured this whole unfavourable evolution perfectly in one of their songs:

“Time is a valuable thing
Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings
Watch it count down to the end of the day
The clock ticks life away”
– ‘In The End’ by Linkin Park

We all, me included, should slow down a bit and enjoy the moment that we are in right now. Have an eye for the details, see the beauty in the little things – and life will become so much more beautiful.

Along these lines, I wish you a great spring of 2017 and don’t forget to scroll down for the awesome giveaway with JORD 🙂

A straight shot of the watch in its box.
The beautiful JORD packaging.








I have teamed up with JORD for a giveaway. You can win a $100 e-gift code for their online store.
All you have to do is follow this giveaway link and fill out the contact form.
The great thing is, that everyone who takes part in this giveaway will receive a $25 e-gift code just for entering. Basically, everyone is a winner 🙂
The giveaway will be up until Sunday, April 16th, so hurry and try your luck before it is too late. Maybe one of their beautiful watches will be yours soon.

Good luck ☺☺☺

Luxury Wooden Watch

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